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  • PC Components

    Getting familiar with the monitor, mouse, keyboard, cd-rom, CPU etc.
  • Keyboarding

    Learning to interact with the computer with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Touch Technology

    Using iPads and Virtual Keyboards
  • Money Counting

    Learning how to count and recognize different money denominations.
  • Robotics

    Learning robotics and programming with Bee-Bots
  • Math & Writing

    Math, Writing and Phonics using technology

Computer Knowledge & Skills

PCs, Laptops & All-In-One Computers

Establishing fundamental computer knowledge and skills, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, sequencing, problem solving, and early critical thinking.

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Touch Platform Education

learning with touch-technology

Exploring writing, math skills, phonics, sequencing, sorting and memory awareness using touch-technology platforms like iPads and Virtual Keyboards.

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iPens and Robotics

Programmable robots & digital pens

Teaching students to recognize money denominations, telling time and enhancing writing skills & creativity using directional programmable robots and digital pens.

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